Nasty Love
aka L'Amore molesto
First screened in April 2015
Director: Mario Martone. Cast: Anna Bonaiuto, Angela Luce, Gianni Cajafa, Peppe Lanzetta, Giovanni Viglietti, Anna Calato, Carmela Pecoraro, Licia Maglietti, Italo Celoro, Alda Massa, Enzo De Caro, Francesco Paolantoni, Lina Polito, Sabina Cangiano, Beniamino Femiano, Nicola Laieta. Screenplay: Mario Martone (based on the novel by Elena Ferrante).

Twitter Capsule: A Volver I can get behind, as middle-aged woman probes circumstances of mother's murder. Haunting, perverse, and witty.

VOR:   I'd feel sorry for anyone who skipped this, since it's so twisty and stylish and psychologically, but I suppose it's a triumph of craftsmanship more than invention.

Photo © 1995 Teatri Uniti/Lucky Red

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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