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Articles Published Here and Elsewhere

September 2017

Interview: Jane Campion
Film Comment (online; excerpt in print): Top of the Lake: China Girl, career retrospective

August 2017

Review: BPM (Beats Per Minute), 2017
Film Comment (print and online): Short Take; dir. Robin Campillo; with Arnaud Valois

May 2017

Feature: 1987 Cannes Staycation, Part 3
Film Comment (online): Wings of Desire, Barfly, Robinsonada, Under the Sun of Satan, etc.

Feature: 1987 Cannes Staycation, Part 2
Film Comment (online): Babette's Feast, Wedding in Galilee, Matewan, Wish You Were Here, etc.

Feature: 1987 Cannes Staycation, Part 1
Film Comment (online): Un Zoo la nuit, Yeelen, Yam Daabo, ...And the Pursuit of Happiness, etc.

March 2017

Review: Frantz, 2016
Film Comment (print and online): dir. François Ozon; with Paula Beer, Pierre Niney

Feature: Two Arabian Knights, 1927
Film Comment (online): TCM Diary; dir. Lewis Milestone; with William Boyd, Louis Wolheim

January 2017

Feature: The Best Films of 2016
Sight & Sound (online): Raising Bertie, Things to Come, Moonlight, and runners-up

Feature: 2016 Chicago Film Festival
Film Comment (online): Do Not Resist, Raising Bertie, 24 Weeks, Samuel in the Clouds, etc.

Review: The Salesman, 2016
Film Comment (print and online): Short Take; dir. Asghar Farhadi; with Shahab Hosseini

November 2016

Feature: Sally Kirkland
Film Comment (print): Analysis of the actress's Oscar-nominated performance in Anna

July 2016

Feature: Kristen Stewart
Film Comment (print; excerpt online): Analysis of the actress's persona and body of work

November 2015

Interview: Todd Haynes, Part 2
Film Comment (online): Conversation about his self-curated career retrospective

Feature: 2015 Toronto Film Festival
Film Comment (online): 3000 Nights, As I Open My Eyes, Much Loved, Starve Your Dog, etc.

Interview: Todd Haynes, Part 1
Film Comment (print and online): Conversation about Carol and its inspirations

June 2015

Interview: Mia Wasikowska
Film Comment (online): Interview with the actress on the occasion of Madame Bovary

May 2012

Recording: Illuminating the Shadows: Film Criticism in Focus
Block Museum of Art: Discussion with Elena Gorfinkel, Adrian Martin, Girish Shambu

July 2007

Feature: Love Field, 1992
Film Experience Blog: Review focusing on Michelle Pfeiffer's performance

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