June '09
To sort out my reaction to today's announcement of Oscar reverting to a Best Picture field of ten nominees, I wanted to see how this might have looked over the last ten years. In general, even when the fields got slightly worse (and often they got better), I realize I would have enjoyed the added drama and extra diversity, even pseudo-diversity. So go ahead, Ganis! Make our day!
Latest add: Winter '09
My annual mash notes to the year's most ingenious achievements in most of the familiar categories, and sometimes more. Enjoy my histories of favorites, and marvel at the graphic evolution of the formatting, across all of the following years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008
Latest add: May '08
Dig around for my annual but necessarily attenuated coverage of my favorite film festival, including major award winners, films in competition, juries and out-of-competition screenings, and my constantly updated links to the showcased films as I eventually catch up with them. Plus, my ranking of the Palme d'or winners, supplemented with links to all the Cannes competitors for which I have written full reviews.
January '05
This was the last year when I really went whole-hog predicting the Oscar nominations on the website. Most of that energy, when I've even expended it in recent years, has been relegated to the blog, but this feature survives as a good précis of what the site used to look like and how caught up in this game I usually was. Here were my eventual winner predictions once the nods were out.
January '05
Again, the blog was pretty much the death knell for site-based features like this, but since 2004 was an especially strong year with lots of idiosyncratic ties in the original Top Ten list, I've held on to this feature.
August '04
Are you seeing how feature-happy I was throughout 2004? The site was six years old, and I was really trying to push out from the simple "review archive" format. This midyear assessment of a very good year is further ornamented with a retrospectively surprising list of the ten fall and winter releases I was most eager to see and the other hot leads I was eager to pursue through the closing months of the year.
Latest add: March '04
One of my favorite annual activities in the early years of the website (and yes, it did all used to read in white text on a black background) were these rental guides to past work by each year's nominated actors, and occasionally the directors, too, or even earlier movies that resonated with a given year's Best Picture nominees. I liked the eccentric angle into the Oscar discussion, and it was a great incentive to track down little-seen work by the Flavors of the Moment, or else to fill major holes in my own viewing history. The last year I finished the feature, linked here, was for the 2003 crowd, but you can also review my choices and short write-ups, if you can bare the crude formatting, in 2002, 2001, and 2000.
Updated through March '03
With detailed winner predictions and rationales for every major race, as well as my own preferences, plus a set of early nomination predictions with some of my all-time weirdest choices of rudimentary graphics. Look, the web was a different thing back then. If you really want to delve into all this dated bloviating about past Oscar races, you can find all the same pages for 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999.
September '03
The same basic buffet as 2004, targeting the previous year, and ornamented with most anticipated films, more great expectations, and deliriously early Oscar nomination predictions.
June '03
Written in the summer of 2003, in jubilant response to the landmark Lawrence vs. Texas decision from the Supreme Court (when it felt for a moment like real political change might be on the horizon in 2004...). I don't stand by all the choices or remarks I make in this off-the-cuff, Celluloid Closet-style overview, but this is an archive, so you're getting the whole works: the cogent, the whimsical, and the what-was-I-thinking. Enjoy.
May '03
Another attempt to capitalize on a moment in the calendar as an opportunity to catch up on some renting inspirations or revisit old favorites, and to force myself to write at least a little bit about them. Reprised one month later in the Father's Day 2003 feature.
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