Mommy Is Coming
First screened in March 2019
Director: Cheryl Dunye. Cast: Papí Coxxx, Lil Harlow, Maggie Tapert, Cheryl Dunye, Stefan Kuschner, Jiz Lee, Océan Leroy, Judy Minx, Wieland Speck. Screenplay: Sarah Schulman and Cheryl Dunye.

Twitter Capsule: Dunye drives a lesbian-centric shortbus around genderqueer Berlin. I dig its roughness but still crave more polish?

Second Capsule: I admit I found the... climax appalling. The film lacks the focus that might've at least brought it off as satire. But it wasn't made for me!

VOR:   Unless you have vested interests, you can pass this up. But it does stake out rare terrain: communally, generically, erotically. Risky, for sure.

Photo © 2012 Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

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