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1928: World Premieres
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Still to Come from 1928: World Premieres

Gourmet Prospects

4 Devils Dir. F.W. Murnau. With Janet Gaynor, Mary Duncan, Charles Morton
L'Argent Dir. Maurice L'Herbier. With Brigitte Helm, Marie Glory, Yvette Guilbert
Arsenal Dir. Aleksandr Dovzhenko. With Semyon Svashenko, Amvrosi Buchma
The Cameraman Dir. Edward Sedgwick. With Buster Keaton, Marceline Day
The Divine Woman Dir. Victor Sjöström. With Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson
Easy Virtue Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. With Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall, Ian Hunter
A Girl in Every Port Dir. Howard Hawks. With Victor McLaglen, Louise Brooks
Laugh, Clown, Laugh Dir. Herbert Brenon. With Lon Chaney, Loretta Young
October Dirs. Grigori Aleksandrov & Sergei Eisenstein. With Vladimir Popov
The Seashell and the Clergyman Dir. Germaine Dulac. With Alex Allin
Show People Dir. King Vidor. With William Haines, Marion Davies, Paul Ralli
Steamboat Bill, Jr. Dir. Charles Reisner. With Buster Keaton, Ernest Torrence
Steamboat Willie Dirs. Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. Voice of Walt Disney
Storm over Asia Dir. Vsevolod Pudovkin. With Valéry Inkijinoff, I. Dedintsev
Zvenigora Dir. ALeksandr Dovzhenko. With Georgi Astafyev, Nikolai Nademsky

Actressy Enticements

Across to Singapore Dir. William Nigh. With Joan Crawford, Ramon Novarro
The Awakening Dir. Victor Fleming. With Vilma Bánky, Walter Byron, Louis Wolheim
Beggars of Life Dir. William Wellman. With Louise Brooks, Wallace Beery, Richard Arlen
The Cardboard Lover Dir. Robert Z. Leonard. With Marion Davies, Jetta Goudal, Nils Asther
The Garden of Eden Dir. Lewis Milestone. With Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser
A Lady of Chance Dir. Robert Z. Leonard. With Norma Shearer, Lowell Sherman, Gwen Lee
Lilac Time Dir. George Fitzmaurice. With Colleen Moore, Gary Cooper, Burr McIntosh
The Mysterious Lady Dir. Fred Niblo. With Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel, Gustav von Seyffertitz
Our Dancing Daughters Dir. Harry Beaumont. With Joan Crawford, Johnny Mack Brown
The Patsy Dir. King Vidor. With Marion Davies, Orville Caldwell, Marie Dressler
The Shopworn Angel Dir. Richard Wallace. With Nancy Carroll, Gary Cooper, Paul Lukas
A Woman of Affairs Dir. Clarence Brown. With Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone
The Woman Disputed Dirs. Henry King and Sam Taylor. With Norma Talmadge

Gender Is Burning

The Constant Nymph Dir. Adrian Brunel. With Mabel Poulton, Ivor Novello, Frances Doble
Crossroads Dir. Teinosuke Kinugasa. With Akiko Chihaya, Junosuke Bandô, Yukiko Ogawa
Four Sons Dir. John Ford. With Margaret Mann, James Hall, Charles Morton, George Meeker
Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath Dir. Edward F. Cline. With Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall
The Man Who Laughs Dir. Paul Leni. With Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, Olga Baclanova
The Mating Call Dir. James Cruze. With Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent, Renée Adorée
The Road to Ruin Dir. Dorothy Davenport. With Helen Foster, Grant Withers, Florence Turner
The Smart Set Dir. Jack Conway. With William Haines, Jack Holt, Alice Day, Hobart Bosworth

Auteurist Loyalties

The Big City Dir. Tod Browning. With Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, James Murray
Bringing Up Father Dir. Jack Conway. With J. Farrell MacDonald, Marie Dressler
Champagne Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. With Betty Balfour, Jean Bradin, Ferdinand von Alten
The Devil in the Heart Dir. Marcel L'Herbier. With Betty Balfour, Jaque Catelain, Roger Karl
The Devious Path Dir. G.W. Pabst. With Gustav Diessl, Brigitte Helm, Hertha von Walther
The Eleventh Year Dir. Dziga Vertov. With Documentary about Soviet industrialization
L'Étoile de mer Dir. Man Ray. With Alice "Kiki" Prin, André de la Rivière
The Farmer's Wife Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. With Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-Davis
Fazil Dir. Howard Hawks. With Charles Farrell, Greta Nissen, John Boles, Mae Busch
The Finishing Touch Dirs. Clyde Bruckman & Leo McCarey. With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Hangman's House Dir. John Ford. With Victor McLaglen, June Collyer, Larry Kent
The Horse Ate the Hat Dir. René Clair. With Alice Tissot, Alexis Bondireff
The Little Match Girl Dir. Jean Renoir. With Catherine Hessling, Jean Storm
The Matinée Idol Dir. Frank Capra. With Johnnie Walker, Bessie Love, Ernest Hilliard
Noah's Ark Dir. Michael Curtiz. With Dolores Castillo, George O'Brien, Noah Beery
The Power of the Press Dir. Frank Capra. With Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jobyna Ralston
The River Dir. Frank Borzage. With Charles Farrell, Mary Duncan, Ivan Linow
The Sad Sack Dir. Jean Renoir. With Georges Pomiès, Michel Simon, Félix Oudart
Spies Dir. Fritz Lang. With Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus, Lien Deyers
The Starfish Dir. Man Ray. With Alice "Kiki" Prin, André de la Rivière, Robert Desnos
Submarine Dir. Frank Capra. With Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier, Ralph Graves, Clarence Burton
Two Timid Souls Dir. René Clair. With Pierre Batcheff, Jim Gérald, Véra Flory
The Wedding March Dir. Erich von Stroheim. With Erich von Stroheim, Fay Wray
While the City Sleeps Dir. Jack Conway. With Lon Chaney, Anita Page, Carroll Nye
White Shadows on the South Seas Dir. W.S. Van Dyke. With Monte Blue, Raquel Torres

Further Research

The Cossacks Dir. George W. Hill. With John Gilbert, Renée Adorée, Ernest Torrence
Devdas Dir. Naresh Mitra. With Phani Burma, Naresh Mitra, Mani Gosh, Tincory Chakrabarty
Dressed to Kill Dir. Irving Cummings. With Edmund Lowe, Mary Astor, Ben Bard, Bob Perry
Four Walls Dir. William Nigh. With John Gilbert, Joan Crawford, Vera Gordon
Ghosts before Breakfast Dir. Hans Richter. With Werner Graeff, Walter Gronostay
Homecoming Dir. Joe May. With Lars Hanson, Dita Parlo, Gustav Fröhlich, Theodor Loos
Lonesome Dir. Pál Fejös. With Barbara Kent, Glenn Tryon, Fay Holderness
The Noose Dir. John Francis Dillon. With Richard Barthelmess, Montagu Love, Jay Eaton
Pan Tadeusz Dir. Ryszard Ordynski. With Wojciech Brydzinski, Stanislaw Knake-Zawadzki
The Singing Fool Dir. Lloyd Bacon. With Al Jolson, Betty Bronson, Josephine Dunn
The Telltale Heart Dir. Charles Klein. With Charles Darvas, Hans Fuerberg, William Herford
Tempest Dir. Sam Taylor. With John Barrymore, Camilla Horn, Louis Wolheim
The Trail of '98 Dir. Clarence Brown. With Dolores del Rio, Ralph Forbes, Karl Dane