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B B is for The Blair Witch Project
C C is for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
D D is for Dancer in the Dark
E E is for Eve's Bayou
F F is for The Fountain
G G is for Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
H H is for The Heiress
I I is for In the Mood for Love
J J is for Juno
K K is for Kandahar
L L is for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
M M is for M
N N is for Network
O O is for Orlando
P P is for Paris Is Burning
Q Q is for Quiz Show
R R is for The Royal Tenenbaums
S S is for Star Wars
T T is for Tropical Malady
U U is for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
V V is for Velvet Goldmine
W W is for WALL·E
X X is for Xala
Y Y is for Y tu mamá también
Z Z is for Zodiac

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Grades omitted for films I viewed long ago. When world premiere precedes U.S. release, I've listed both.

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 V for Vendetta (2006) Dir. James McTeigue. Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving C–
In a dystopic future, masked man and female captive overthrow UK's fascist regime

 Vacancy (2007) Dir. Nimrod Antál. Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale, Frank Whaley D
Grieving couple check into a motel, only to realize they have wandered into a lethal trap

Valencia (2013/–) Dirs. Aubree Bernier-Clarke, Lares Feliciano, Hilary Goldberg, et al. A–
20 directors film different chapters of Michelle Tea's lesbian memoir of life in San Francisco

Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008/2009) Dir. Matt Tyrnauer. Documentary B–
Designer nears his 45th year in the business, somewhat oblivious to financial downturn

The Valet (2006/2007) Dir. Francis Veber. Gad Elmaleh, Alice Taglioni, Daniel Auteuil C–
Farce in which cheating CEO asks valet to pretend to date his supermodel mistress

The Valiant (1929) Dir. William K. Howard. Paul Muni, Marguerite Churchill C–
A mysterious man who confesses to a killing refuses to have his guilt assuaged

 Valhalla Rising (2009/2010) Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn. Mads Mikkelsen C+
Folkloric, violent saga of early Norse prisoner who sails to America with Viking band

Valiant Is the Word for Carrie (1936) Dir. Wesley Ruggles. Gladys George C
Young boy who befriends an infamous townswoman and becomes her adoptive charge

The Valley (2014/–) Dir. Ghassan Salhab. Carlos Chahine, Mounzer Baalbaki B
Formalist thriller about crash survivor held captive on Lebanese poppy plantation

The Valley of Decision (1945) Dir. Tay Garnett. Greer Garson, Gregory Peck C
Romance about a mill worker's daughter who works as a domestic for the owner's family

Valley of the Dolls (1967) Dir. Mark Robson. Patty Duke, Barbara Parkins, Sharon Tate F
Notorious sudser about actresses facing different ordeals on the way "up" in Hollywood

Valmont (1989) Dir. Miloš Forman. Annette Bening, Colin Firth, Meg Tilly B+
Restaging of famed 18th-century novel about erotic gamesmanship between former lovers

Vampyr (1932/–) Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer. Julian West, Maurice Schutz A
Inventive adaptation of the Dracula myth, as old-country traveler visits a haunted inn

The Van (1996/1997) Dir. Stephen Frears. Donal O'Kelly, Colm Meaney, Ger Ryan B–
Comedy about two working-class friends who try to start a food-truck business

Vanilla Sky (2001) Dir. Cameron Crowe. Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz C–
Mystery-drama about rich crash survivor whose charmed life grows increasingly surreal

Vanishing Waves (2012/2013) Dir. Kristine Boužytė. Marius Jampolskis, Jurga Jutaité C
Erotic science-fiction drama about a brain-scientist's relationship with a comatose woman

Vanity Fair (2004) Dir. Mira Nair. Reese Witherspoon, James Purefoy, Romola Garai B–
Revisionist take on Thackeray's novel about scheming, early-19C antiheroine Becky Sharp

 Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) Dir. Louis Malle. Wallace Shawn, Julianne Moore A
Intimate chronicle of plain-dress rehearsal for a modern staging of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya

 Velvet Goldmine (1998) Dir. Todd Haynes. Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys Meyers A
70s-set glam-rock fantasia braided to 80s-set drama of a journalist researching the era

 Velvet Goldmine (1998) Dir. Todd Haynes. Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys Meyers A
70s-set glam-rock fantasia braided to 80s-set drama of a journalist researching the era

Venus (2006) Dir. Roger Michell. Peter O'Toole, Jodie Whittaker, Leslie Phillips C
Character study of aging British actor and his tentative bond with a friend's grand-niece

Venus Boyz (2002/2003) Dir. Gabriel Baur. Subjects include Dréd Gerestant B+
Documentary about contemporary drag kings and others who live beyond gender binaries

Venus in Fur (2013/2014) Dir. Roman Polanski. Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric B
Staging of David Ives's play about surreal audition for a part in Masoch-inspired play

 Vera Drake (2004) Dir. Mike Leigh. Imelda Staunton, Phil Davis, Daniel Mays A–
Ensemble drama focused on 1950s London housecleaner who quietly administers abortions

The Verdict (1982) Dir. Sidney Lumet. Paul Newman, Jack Warden B+
Alcoholic, over-the-hill lawyer stakes everything on a case of high-powered medical neglect

The Verdict (2013/–) Dir. Jan Verheyen. Koen De Bouw, Johan Leysen C+
Husband of murdered woman takes justice into his own hands after her killer goes free

Veronica Guerin (2003) Dir. Joel Schumacher. Cate Blanchett, Ciarán Hinds C
Drama of final two years in the life of Irish crime reporter who took on Dublin's drug lords

Vertigo (1958) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes A
Romantic mystery-drama about ex-detective's obsession with woman he is paid to follow

A Very Long Engagement (2004) Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Audrey Tautou C
Epic drama of soldier who vanishes amid World War I and the lover who searches for him

A Very Ordinary Citizen (2015/–) Dir. Majid Barzegar. Souren Mnatsakanian B
Senile old man in contemporary Tehran takes steps to be able to leave the country

A Very Natural Thing (1974) Dir. Christopher Larkin. Robert Joel, Curt Gareth B
Gay ex-monk falls in lust and love with an ad exec who craves a more open relationship

 Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) Dir. Woody Allen. Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson C
Comedy about two American women on vacation who hook up with two Spanish artists

Victor/Victoria (1982) Dir. Blake Edwards. Julie Andrews, Robert Preston C+
Jazz-age musical comedy about woman impersonating a female impersonator in Paris

Victoria (2015) Dir. Sebastian Schipper. Laia Costa, Frederick Lau, Franz Rogowski A–
One-shot wonder about young Spanish woman pulled into a criminal plot in Berlin

Videodrome (1983) Dir. David Cronenberg. James Woods, Les Carlson, Deborah Harry B+
Horror-based media allegory about a broadcast signal that infects the minds of viewers

La Vie en rose (2007) Dir. Olivier Dahan. Marion Cotillard, Sylvie Testud B
Tragic retelling of the life of French torch singer Édith Piaf, from childhood to death

A View from the Top (2003) Dir. Bruno Barreto. Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate D
Comedy about a girl from a trailer park with dreams of being a top flight attendant

 The Village (2004) Dir. M. Night Shyamalan. Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix C–
Period horror-cum-political allegory about rural town plagued by woodland monsters

Vincere (2009/2010) Dir. Marco Bellocchio. Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Filippo Timi D+
Operatically heightened biography of Ida Dalser, the forsaken first wife of Benito Mussolini

Vinyl (1965) Dir. Andy Warhol. Gerard Malanga, Tosh Carillo, J.D. McDermott A–
Spare, avant-garde staging of A Clockwork Orange by denizens of Warhol's Factory

Viola (2012/2013) Dir. Matías Piñeiro. María Villar, Agustina Muñoz, Elisa Carricajo B
Argentinean mini-feature about tangled webs among castmates in a Shakespeare play

The V.I.P.s (1963) Dir. Anthony Asquith. Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton D
Ensemble drama about an assortment of passengers waylaid in a London airport

The Virgin Spring (1960) Dir. Ingmar Bergman. Birgitta Pettersson, Gunnel Lindblom B
Tale of murdered girl in medieval Sweden, whose parents unwittingly lodge her killers

The Virgin Suicides (1999/2000) Dir. Sofia Coppola. Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett B
Story of five sisters who mysteriously killed themselves, and the boys who longed for them

Virginia (2010/2012) Dir. Dustin Lance Black. Jennifer Connelly, Harrison Gilbertson D
Odd drama about unstable woman's affair with a sheriff and their kids' ensuing relations

Viridiana (1961/1962) Dir. Luis Buñuel. Silvia Pinal, Francisco Cabal, Fernando Rey A
Outlandish tale of novice nun, lured into visiting smitten uncle, who gifts her his estate

Virtuosity (1995) Dir. Brett Leonard. Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Kelly Lynch D
Sci-fi thriller about computer-generated killer and the jailed ex-cop chosen to take him out

Visions of Light (1992/1993) Dirs. Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, Stuart Samuels B
Documentary about the art of Hollywood cinematography, from silents to the present

The Visit (1964) Dir. Bernhard Wicki. Anthony Quinn, Ingrid Bergman B–
Adaptation of Dürrenmatt's play about a bankrupt town and its blackmailer-benefactor

The Visitor (2007/2008) Dir. Tom McCarthy. Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman B–
Drama about widowed professor who finds undocumented squatters in his apartment

Viva Zapata! (1952) Dir. Elia Kazan. Marlon Brando, Joseph Wiseman, Anthony Quinn B
Embellished biography of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapato and his campaigns

Vivre sa vie (1962/1963) Dir. Jean-Luc Godard. Anna Karina, Sady Rebbot A–
12-part New Wave tale about aspiring actress and shopgirl who becomes a prostitute

Les Voleurs (1996) Dir. André Téchiné. Daniel Auteuil, Laurence Côte B+
Drama about a criminal's mysterious death, disparately recounted by three narrators

Volver (2006) Dir. Pedro Almodóvar. Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Lola Dueñas B
Tale of a woman hiding a murder and her female intimates, including her mother's ghost

Voyage (2013/–) Dir. Scud. Adrian Ron Heung, Haze Leung, Byron Pang, Jason Poon D–
Mosaic drama about gay, suicidal therapist, sifting among his patients' stories

Voyage of the Damned (1976) Dir. Stuart Rosenberg. Max von Sydow, Faye Dunaway D+
Multinational ensemble drama about Jews fleeing Germany on a ship that cannot dock

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