Watch on the Rhine
First screened in January 2016
Director: Herman Shumlin. Cast: Bette Davis, Paul Lukas, George Coulouris, Lucile Watson, Donald Woods, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Beulah Bondi, Donald Buka, Eric Roberts, Janis Wilson, Kurt Katch, Henry Daniell, Erwin Kalser, Rudolph Anders, Clyde Fillmore, Clarence Muse, Anthony Caruso, Elvira Curci, Mary Young. Screenplay: Dashiell Hammett (based on the play by Lillian Hellman).

Twitter Capsule: Even higher-minded than Mrs. Miniver and less appealing. Solemn paean to antifascist resistance but stiff, pat.

VOR:   Hidebound in terms of filmed-theater moviemaking, but historically intriguing and rare for its industry in directly addressing German resistance movements, albeit to mixed results.

Photo © 1943 Warner Bros. Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture
Best Actor: Paul Lukas
Best Supporting Actress: Lucile Watson
Best Screenplay: Dashiell Hammett

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Actor: Paul Lukas

Other Awards:
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Picture; Best Actor (Lukas)

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