American Woman (2018)
First screened in November 2019
Director: Jake Scott. Cast: Sienne Miller, Aidan McGraw, Aidan Fiske, Christina Hendricks, Aaron Paul, Will Sasso, Sky Ferreira, Amy Madigan, Alex Neustaedter, Pat Healy, E. Roger Mitchell, Kentucker Audley, Maggie Castle, Rene Cadet, Nancy Villone, Kelly Rose Golden, Matt Merritt, Logan Hallowell. Screenplay: Brad Ingelsby.

Twitter Capsule: Accumulates depth and resonance that the early scenes hardly foretell. Script and expert cast confound expectations.

VOR:   Shaky opening implies a Sharp Objects- or Winter's Bone-style experience. What follows (quietly, nimbly) is closer in spirit to Kent Jones's Diane.

Photo © 2018 Endeavor Content/Vertical Entertainment/Scott Free
Productions/Romulus Productions, © 2019 Roadside Attractions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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