As I Lay Dying (2018)
aka Hamchenan ke mimordam
First screened in October 2018
Director: Mostafa Sayyari. Cast: Majid Aghakarimi, Nader Fallah, Elham Korda, Vahid Rad, Mohammad Rabbani. Screenplay: Mostafa Sayyari, Behnam Abedi, and Hamed Hosseini Sangari (clearly based, however disobediently, on the novel by William Faulkner).

Twitter Capsule: Carries Faulkner's legacy into unusual terrain, even/especially by Iran's standards. Style less distinct than story.

VOR:   Interesting update and transplant of this archetypal tale. Incendiary secrets in the characters' past. Memory doesn't really last, though?

Photo © 2018 Persia Film Distribution

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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