Cities of Last Things
First screened in September 2018
Director: Ho Wi Ding. Cast: Lee Hong-Chi, Jack Kao, Huang Lu, Louise Grinberg, Linda Liu, Chang Kuo-Chu, Ivy Yin, Ding Ning, Hsia Ching-Ting, Igor Kovic, Eric Tu, Kenny Kuo. Screenplay: Ho Wi Ding.

Twitter Capsule: Totally fine, half-futuristic thriller. Brutality's over the top. Episodes could resonate more than they do.

VOR:   Toronto's Platform jury, including Lee Chang-dong and Béla Tarr, saw more originality here than I did, but, you know, what have they ever done?

Photo © 2018 Les Films du Bélier/Maria & Mayer/
Syndrome Film, © 2019 Kino Lorber

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Toronto International Film Festival: Platform Prize

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