The Convent
aka O Convento
First screened in April 2015
Director: Manoel de Oliveira. Cast: John Malkovich, Catherine Deneuve, Luís Miguel Cintra, Leonor Silveira, João Bénard da Costa, Heloísa Miranda, Gilberto Gonçalves. Screenplay: Manoel de Oliveira (based on an original idea by Agustina Bessa-Luís).

Twitter Capsule: Both interesting and limited as a sinister meditation on people as forms and concepts. Entombed in its own discourses?

VOR:   Of interest to Oliveira completists, to Faust disciplies, and to philosophical traditions in the cinema. But as slithery as it becomes, it never shakes a kind of stodgy Euro-conventionalism.

Photo © 1995 Madragoa Filmes/Gemini Films/La Sept Cinéma/Strand Releasing

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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