En el séptimo día
First screened in July 2018
Director: Jim McKay. Cast: Fernando Cardona, Abel Perez, Gilberto Jimenez, Genoel Ramírez, Alfonso Velazquez, Christopher Gabriel Núñez, Mathia Vargas, Alejandro Huitzil, Ricardo Gonzalez, Eduardo Espinosa, Cristofer Huitzil, Donal Brophy. Screenplay: Jim McKay.

Twitter Capsule: Political point well worth making but a fairly flat execution. Odd structure. Could use more time with the team.

VOR:   A few images linger, despite the modest aesthetic, but major story points feel under-explored. Rare in some respects, utterly familiar in others.

Photo © 2018 The Cinema Guild

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Independent Spirit Awards: John Cassavetes Award (Best Feature Under $500,000)

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