The Farmer's Daughter
First screened in June 2000 / Screened again in October 2010
Director: H.C. Potter. Cast: Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Charles Bickford, Ethel Barrymore, Rose Hobart, Rhys Williams, Art Baker, Harry Shannon, Tom Powers, William B. Davidson, Frank Ferguson, John Gallaudet, Cy Kendall, Keith Andes, James Arness, Lex Barker, Anna Q. Nilsson, William Bakewell. Screenplay: Allen Rivkin and Laura Kerr (based on the play by Juhni Tervataa).
Twitter Capsule: Frivolous ending even by film's own puffball standards, but as good-hearted fables go, it gets the job done

Photo © 1947 RKO Radio Pictures
More LY ice skating! More prosaically than BW, with JC falling into ice at end - Woodrow Wilson: upstairs; LY looks good and annoyed post-massage by female rival - These things they'd yell if you said "Fish for sale" - "Hello, Americans - the future of this country - IS SAFE!!" (living wage - giving or getting) - Findley: "I'll match my record with any man's!" - nepotistic snow contract - Gag of Swedish profanities not run TOO far into the ground, partly because it's so fun to imagine LY being even slightly naughty - EB doesn't have to be imperious, just sturdy - EB: "Further, I don't think you're in the least qualified to run" - obv looks affectionate but promises to bring everything in her power against LY - snow and glogg fire both look fake - CB's gonna vote for her - JC coaches LY in simpler speaking, as she demonstrated late at nigth (in LS) for CB and hidden EB - Painter: I don't think a tramp should run for Congress - EB's reaction is terrifically wide-eyed, and they all run him out - JC quits party over smear campaign, EB rather too hastily won over to cynical tactic - Smeared with painter's story, JC shows up at farm and brothers rebuff him - LY feeding chickens, nicely loosened blonde tress in front - Kiss in the chicken...sty? - EB to Lindley: White ... No foreign born ... Right kind of religion - CB forces him out - CB, thorwing Linley his hat - "You forgot your hood!" - Villain's name is ADOLF? - fg/bg gag as LY's brothers remove Adolf's gang - Fisticuffs, chair-smaashing, window-busting melee in Adolf hideaway ($500 bribe from Linley) - LY getting a little lost by the film? - And has it forgotten she's not really qualified? Or does it just not care?; - JC carries her across threshold of Capitol - B–

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Actress: Loretta Young
Best Supporting Actor: Charles Bickford

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