Gaby: A True Story
First screened in September 2012 / Most recently screened in August 2016
Director: Luis Mandoki. Cast: Rachel Levin, Norma Aleandro, Liv Ullmann, Robert Loggia, Lawrence Monoson, Beatriz Sheridan, Robert Beltran, Paulina Gómez, Tony Goldwyn, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Carolyn Valero, Enrique Lucero, Eduardo Noriega. Screenplay: Michael Love, Martín Salinas, and Luis Mandoki.

Twitter Capsule: Peremptory script. Never quite cinematic, but a moving, mostly unsquishy story of disability. Ullmann too vague.

Second Capsule: The usual tropes of disability drama with a few thoughtful exceptions and a stellar Norma Aleandro performance.

VOR:   Worth debating just how fresh this story is in handling disability, opportunity, and sexuality. Feels racially whitewashed and ensconced in wealth. Still, few films even go here.

Photo © 1987 TriStar Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

(in September 2012: C)

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Norma Aleandro

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actress (Drama): Rachel Levin
Best Supporting Actress: Norma Aleandro

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