The Green Fog
First screened in April 2018
Directors: Guy Maddin, Galen Johnson, and Evan Johnson. Experimental collage reconstructing a fitfully loyal facsimile of Vertigo from clips of dozens of other movies.

Twitter Capsule: Often I love Maddin films for 20 minutes before I start feeling strangled and annoyed. This time I lasted about five.

Second Capsule: I could articulate a logic for my rejection of this one, but it's probably a taste thing above all else. If you think you'd enjoy it, go on!

VOR:   Points for effort, I suppose, and for delighting most viewers more than it did me. But what is really new here, or really at stake, or really fun?

Photo © 2017 Extra Large Productions, © 2018 Balcony Releasing

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Independent/Experimental Film and Video Award

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