If a Tree Falls
A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
Reviewed in December 2011
Director: Marshall Curry. Documentary about the controversial environmental activists, their most extreme adoptions of arson and civil disobedience, and the prosecution of leading member Daniel McGowan. Interview subjects include Daniel McGowan, Suzanne Savoie, Tim Lewis, Kirk Engdall, Jay Ferguson, Greg Harvey, Chuck Tilby, Leslie James Pickering, Jim Flynn, Bill Barton, Jenny Synan, Steve Swanson, Don Rice, Chuck Wert. Screenplay: Marshall Curry and Matthew Hamachek.
Twitter Capsule: Equanimity derives from both ideological maturity and rather timid assembly. Compels as a story, but not as film.

Photo © 2011 Oscilloscope Pictures/Marshall Curry Productions LLC
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Documentary Feature

Other Awards:
Sundance Film Festival: Best Film Editing, Documentary (Marshall Curry and Matthew Hamachek)

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