First screened in November 2014
Director: James Wan. Cast: Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey, Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Andrew Astor, Joseph Bishara, Heather Tocquigney, Corbett Tuck. Screenplay: Leigh Whannell.

Twitter Capsule: Watching just before bed maybe not my smartest move. Actors heroically credible amid talk of astral bodies, The Further.

VOR:   Disposable enough, but attempts unironic scares with more conviction than Saw did, while slavering less over viscera and human depravity. Interesting sign of trends to come.

Photo © 2010 Haunted Movies/Alliance Films, © 2011 FilmDistrict

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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