I Shot Andy Warhol
First screened in June 1996 / Most recently screened in May 2016
Director: Mary Harron. Cast: Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Stephen Dorff, Martha Plimpton, Lothaire Bluteau, Lola Pashalinski, Jill Hennessy, Anna Thomson, Craig Chester, Reg Rogers, Lynn Cohen, Donovan Leitch Jr., Jamie Harrold, James Lyons, Lorraine Farris, Peter Friedman, Tahnee Welch, Michael Imperioli, Anh Duong, Bill Sage, Coco McPherson, Billy Erb, Mark Margolis, Dawn Didawick, Gabriel Mann, Justin Theroux. Screenplay: Mary Harron and Daniel Minahan (with elements inspired by the book The Letters and Diaries of Candy Darling, 1992 by Jeremiah Newton).

Twitter Capsule: Slightly forced exercise about a gripping character. Not enough story but bracingly fed up with sexist queers.

VOR:   Some devices feel precisely that way, like the straight-to-camera recitations. Other passages suggest dress-up reenactment. Still, palpable creativity and conviction here.

Photo © 1996 The Samuel Goldwyn Company/Playhouse International Pictures/Killer Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Sundance Film Festival: Special Jury Prize for Acting (Taylor)
National Board of Review: Special Mention for Excellence in Filmmaking

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