I Stand Alone
aka Seul contre tous
First screened in November 2005 / Most recently screened in March 2020
Director: Gaspar Noé. Cast: Philippe Nahon, Blandine Lenoir, Frankye Pain, Martine Audrain, Gérard Ortega, Stéphane Derdérian, Alain Pierre, Serge Faurie, Zaven, Jean-François Rauger, Guillaume Nicloux, Joël Leculle, Denis Falgoux, Monsieur Billot, Marc Faure, voice of Olivier Doran. Screenplay: Gaspar Noé.

Twitter Capsule: Instant, potent brief for Noé's worldview and style. Immersion in psychopathic misogyny, refusing to clean it up.

VOR:   Though the politics of Noé and his work are never clear, this is a bold arrow pointed at French social malaise, as well as a striking aesthetic gesture.

Photo © 1998 Les Cinémas de la Zone, © 1999 Strand Releasing

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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