The Arsonist
aka Kaki bakar
First screened in May 2015
Director: U-Wei Haji Saari. Cast: Ngasrizal Ngasri, Khalid Salleh, Jamaluddin Kadir, Azizah Mahzan, Nor Azemi Suhaimi, Ochee, Liza Rafar, Anwar Idris, Kuswadinata, Kamarool Yusof, Natili Shamsuddin, Habibah Jaafar. Screenplay: U-Wei Haji Saari (based on the short story "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner).

Twitter Capsule: Faulkner thrives in Malaysia! Land as mindspace, race as turf war, class as tribunal: all there. Brute, vivid object.

VOR:   Transcultural adaptations this pointed and forceful are rare, refreshing our view of old text and new context without distorting either. Plenty to dig into on its own terms.

Photo © 1995 Satu Gitu

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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