Land and Freedom
First screened in April 2015
Director: Ken Loach. Cast: Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor, Tom Gilroy, Marc Martínez, Suzanne Maddock, Frédéric Pierrot, Icíar Bollaín, Eoin McCarthy, Paul Laverty, Andrés Aladren, Sergi Calleja, Raffaele Cantatore, Pascal Demolon, Josep Magem, Jürgen Müller, Víctor Roca, Emili Samper, Ricard Arilla, Pep Molina, Asunción Royo, Angela Clarke. Screenplay: Jim Allen.

Twitter Capsule: Some Loach tropes overplayed, but potent. Mid-film debate over collectivizing land as galvanizing as a car chase.

VOR:   Exciting to see fractures among "the left" and antifascist struggle handled with such vigor, especially in Spanish theater that draws so little attention from non-Spanish directors.

Photo © 1995 Parallax Pictures/Messidor Films/Road Movies Dritte Produktionen

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Cannes Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize (tie); Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
European Film Awards: Best Picture
César Awards (French Oscars): Best Foreign Language Film

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