aka The Invitation
First screened in May 2013
Director: Claude Goretta. Cast: Michel Robin, Cécile Vassort, Jean-Luc Bideau, Corinne Coderey, François Simon, Jean Champion, Rosine Rochette, Pierre Collet, Neige Dolsky, Jacques Rispal, Lucie Avenay, Roger Jendly, Gilbert Costa, William Jacques, Daniel Stuffel. Screenplay: Michel Viala and Claude Goretta (based on the play by Michel Viala).

Twitter Capsule: Swiss weekend-in-the-country dramedy hits target of bourgeois critique. Still, no more creative than its characters.

VOR:   Executed with care, but if you see a lot of European movies, you've trod this terrain before. If you don't see a lot of European movies, this may not entice you to more.

Photo © 1973 Group 5/Citel Films, © 1975 Janus Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Foreign Language Film

Other Awards:
Cannes Film Festival: Jury Prize (tie); International Prize

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