Like Someone in Love
First screened in September 2012 / Most recently screened in March 2019
Director: Abbas Kiarostami. Cast: Rin Takanashi, Tadashi Okuno, Ryo Kase, Denden, Reiko Mori, Kôichi Ohori, Kaneko Kubota, Hiroyuki Kishi, Mihoko Suzuki. Screenplay: Abbas Kiarostami.

Twitter Capsule: (2012) Which kind of love? Shamed, seductive, fatherly, hourly, angry, humble—each elliptically reflects the others.

Second Capsule: (2019) Opaque, but I like it. Sad, witty study of errant behavior; ongoing meditation on the role of the screen.

VOR:   Synthesizes narrative and conceptual investments, even more fluidly than other Kiarostami projects that tend to favor one over the other.

Photo © 2012 MK2 Productions/Euro Space, © 2013 IFC Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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