Top Ten Films of 1931: World Premieres
 My 1930-31 Oscar Ballot (Updated)

1. M Dir. Fritz Lang. With Peter Lorre, Otto Wernicke, Theodor Loos, Gustaf Gründgens A
2. City Lights Dir. Charlie Chaplin. With Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Harry Myers A
3. Honor Among Lovers Dir. Dorothy Arzner. With Claudette Colbert, Fredric March A–
4. Other Men's Women Dir. William Wellman. With Grant Withers, Mary Astor, Regis Toomey B+
5. Tabu Dirs. F.W. Murnau & Robert Flaherty. With Matahi, Anna Chevalier, Hitu, Kong Ah B+
6. Smart Money Dir. Alfred E. Green. With Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Noel Francis B+
7. Frankenstein Dir. James Whale. With Colin Clive, Boris Karloff, Mae Clarke, John Boles B+
8. The Champ Dir. King Vidor. With Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper, Irene Rich, Edward Brophy B+
9. Night Nurse Dir. William Wellman. With Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Blondell, Ben Lyon B
10. Dishonored Dir. Josef von Sternberg. With Marlene Dietrich, Victor McLaglen B

Reviews from 1931
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   Honor Among Lovers Dir. Dorothy Arzner. With Claudette Colbert, Fredric March A–

More Grades from 1931
Unreviewed titles I have seen recently enough to grade
      Arrowsmith Dir. John Ford. With Ronald Colman, Helen Hayes, A.E. Anson C
      Bad Girl Dir. Frank Borzage. With Sally Eilers, James Dunn, Minna Gombell B
      Cimarron Dir. Wesley Ruggles. With Richard Dix, Irene Dunne, Estelle Taylor C
      Dracula Dir. Tod Browning. With Bela Lugosi, Helen Chandler, David Manners B–
      Five Star Final Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. With Edward G. Robinson, Marian Marsh, Frances Starr B
      East Lynne Dir. Frank Lloyd. With Ann Harding, Clive Brook, Conrad Nagel C+
      A Free Soul Dir. Clarence Brown. With Norma Shearer, Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable C–
      The Front Page Dir. Lewis Milestone. With Pat O'Brien, Adolphe Menjou B
      The Guardsman Dir. Sidney Franklin. With Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Roland Young B
      Mädchen in Uniform Dir. Leontine Sagan. With Hertha Thiele, Emilia Unda, Dorothea Wieck B
      Mata Hari Dir. George Fitzmaurice. With Greta Garbo, Lionel Barrymore, Ramon Novarro C
      The Miracle Woman Dir. Frank Capra. With Barbara Stanwyck, David Manners, Sam Hardy B
      The Public Enemy Dir. William Wellman. With James Cagney, Edward Woods, Beryl Mercer B
      The Sin of Madelon Claudet Dir. Edgar Selwyn. With Helen Hayes, Cliff Edwards C
      Skippy Dir. Norman Taurog. With Jackie Cooper, Robert Coogan, Willard Robertson B
      The Smiling Lieutenant Dir. Ernst Lubitsch. With Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert B–
      Street Scene Dir. King Vidor. With Sylvia Sidney, Louis Collier Jr., Estelle Taylor B
      Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise Dir. Robert Z. Leonard. With Greta Garbo, Clark Gable B–
      Ten Cents a Dance Dir. Lionel Barrymore. With Barbara Stanwyck, Monroe Owsley C
Also from 1931
The memories are fading, but they're somewhere in my brain
      Possessed Dir. Clarence Brown. With Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Wallace Ford (C?)
      The Threepenny Opera Dir. G.W. Pabst. With Rudolf Forster, Reinhold Schunzel (B?)
      Trader Horn Dir. W.S. Van Dyke. With Harry Carey, Duncan Renaldo (B?)
      Working Girls Dir. Dorothy Arzner. With Dorothy Hall, Judith Wood, Paul Lukas (B–?)

Still to Come from 1931
Ten Most Enticing Prospects:
      À nous la liberté Dir. René Clair. With Henri Marchand, Raymond Cordy
      An American Tragedy Dir. Josef von Sternberg. With Phillips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney
      Blonde Crazy Dir. Roy Del Ruth. With James Cagney, Joan Blondell
      La Chienne Dir. Jean Renoir. With Michel Simon, Janie Marèse, Georges Flamant
      The Criminal Code Dir. Howard Hawks. With Walter Huston, Phillips Holmes
      Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dir. Rouben Mamoulian. With Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins
      Little Caesar Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. With Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
      Le Million Dir. René Clair. With Annabella, René Lef vre, Jean-Louis Allibert
      Platinum Blonde Dir. Frank Capra. With Loretta Young, Robert Williams
      Waterloo Bridge Dir. James Whale. With Mae Clarke, Douglass Montgomery

Further Research:
      Behind Office Doors Dir. Melville Brown. With Mary Astor, Robert Ames
      The Cuban Love Song Dir. W.S. Van Dyke. With Lawrence Tibbett, Lupe Velez
      Dance, Fools, Dance Dir. Harry Beaumont. With Joan Crawford, Lester Vail
      Dangerous Female (aka The Maltese Falcon) Dir. Roy Del Ruth. With Bebe Daniels
      Guilty Hands Dir. W.S. Van Dyke. With Lionel Barrymore, Kay Francis, Madge Evans
      Indiscreet Dir. Leo McCarey. With Gloria Swanson, Ben Lyon, Monroe Owsley
      Men of Chance Dir. George Archainbaud. With Ricardo Cortez, Mary Astor
      Marius Dirs. Marcel Pagnol & Alexander Korda. With Raimu, Pierre Fresnay
      Monkey Business Dir. Norman Z. McLeod. With the Marx Brothers, Rockliffe Fellowes
      Private Lives Dir. Sidney Franklin. With Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery
      Rich and Strange Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. With Henry Kendall, Joan Barry
      The Sin Ship Dir. Louis Wolheim. With Louis Wolheim, Mary Astor, Ian Keith
      Svengali Dir. Archie Mayo. With John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Donald Crisp
      Way Back Home Dir. William A. Seiter. With Phillips Lord, Effie L. Palmer

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