First screened in September 2017
Director: Neíl Beloufa. Cast: Idir Chender, Paul Hamy, Anna Ivacheff, Louise Orry-Diquéro, Hamza Meziani, Geoffrey Carey, Brune Renault, Brahim Tekfa, Pierre Rousselet, Françoise Cousin. Screenplay: Neíl Beloufa.

Twitter Capsule: Imagine Anna Biller spoofing racialized surveillance—same wit, same doting tableaus, same habit of running out of fumes.

VOR:   Pastiche as political art, though filmmaker hedged on this. Doesn't feel imitative, but you could draw lines to Fassbinder, Ozon, Gregory Crewdson.

Photo © 2017 Bad Manners/Le Fresnoy

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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