Peyton Place
Most recently screened in June 2008
Director: Mark Robson. Cast: Lana Turner, Lee Philips, Diane Varsi, Russ Tamblyn, Hope Lange, Lloyd Nolan, Mildred Dunnock, Arthur Kennedy, Barry Coe, Terry Moore, David Nelson, Betty Field, Leon Ames, Lorne Greene, Robert H. Harris, Tami Conner, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Staats Cotsworth, Peg Hillias. Screenplay: Billy Wilder, Harry Kurnitz, and Lawrence B. Marcus (based on the novel by Grace Metalious).

Twitter Capsule: Just sudsy enough, you see why it was a sensation. Still, the filmmaking rarely serves it. Evaporates in an instant.

VOR:   Ambitious in the context of jam-packed, intertwining, melodramatic yarns. Hold on the zeitgeist makes it an interesting text for how 50s America thought about or hate-watched itself.

Photo © 1957 20th Century Fox

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director: Mark Robson
Best Actress: Lana Turner
Best Supporting Actress: Hope Lange
Best Supporting Actress: Diane Varsi
Best Supporting Actor: Arthur Kennedy
Best Supporting Actor: Russ Tamblyn
Best Adapted Screenplay: John Michael Hayes
Best Cinematography (William C. Mellor)

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Supporting Actress: Mildred Dunnock
Best Supporting Actress: Hope Lange
Most Promising Newcomer (Female): Diane Varsi

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