Tree of Blood
aka Po di sangui
First screened in April 2016
Director: Flora Gomes. Cast: Ramiro Naka, Edna Evora, Dadu Cisse, Adama Kouyaté, Dadu Cissé, Dulcinea Bidjanque, Bia Gomes, Djuco Bodjan. Screenplay: Flora Gomes and Anita Fernández.

Twitter Capsule: Fascinating and colorful prodigal-son drama, immersed in myths and landscapes of Guinea-Bissau. Enigmatic surprises.

VOR:   Folkloric aspects of the first half only become more pronounced as the film continues. Inevitably a blend of indigenous and colonial influences, from structure to language. Rare.

Photo © 1996 Galeshka Moravioff/Films Sans Frontières/Radiotelevisão Portuguesa/
Le Concours de la Commission des Communautés Européennes

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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