Director: John G. Avildsen. Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Burgess Meredith, Carl Weathers, Thayer David, Joe Spinell, Jimmy Gambina, Jodi Letizia, Al Silvani, Bill Baldwin, Sr. Screenplay: Sylvester Stallone.

T A L I A     S H I R E
First appears 10 min in as the bespectacled, mousy, sharp turted-food checkout girl (his turtles have been coughing); scrappy bob; he's back in at 20m, after BM locks his locker; invites TS to bask game, CU through birdcage, on horn-rims; birds look like flying candy?; you think she's annoyed, but there's a kind, high lilt to her "Good night, Rocky"; Adrian is Paulie's sister?; "Adrian ain't sharp, Adrian's a loser!" - pushing 30yo; "What would be better than to get it on with one of his descendants?"; loves "the Italian Stallion"; EVERYONE on the street thinks Adrian is retarded; he's coming to get her around 35m; Thanksgiving date - Paulie's engineered; "I'm not gonna go, P, I can't go!"; BY throws bird into alley; "Would you like to maybe go out together, I mean, whaddya think, wouldja like to?"; to Zamboni Guy: "Are you closed to the general public, or are you closed to everyone, you know?"; ice skating; running alongside while she skates; she answers questions abt shy personality "I suppose"; I think we'd make a really sharp couple of coconuts, I'm dumb and you're shy, huh? (Aviator!); she really doesn't get the fighting thing; your hair hurts, your eyes hurt; "I sold 'em to ya"; wife beater; "I don't think I belong here" - more angry "I don't belong here" - "I don't know you well enough, I never been in a man's apartment"; "I'm not sure I know you well enough, I don't feel conftable"; embarrassed by his chest; GREAT TV scene, worried about fighting, knows to respond with humor to Apollo's taunt re: race; "Einstein flunked out of school, twice. Beethoven was deaf, Helen Keller was blind: Rocky's got a good chance"; she LOVES the "Yo, Adrian" shout-out on TV - it's actually a very touching moment; @1h15, he gets an ache in his abdomen from trying to run up the stairs pre-dawn, to minor-key GFN theme; BY can't figure Rocky's attraction to TS; "It fills gaps, I guess" - "she's got gaps, I've got gaps"; unwinding his bloodied hand bandages; "Want me to rub you down!" - she thnks he's sexy now; no foolin' around during training; furrowed brow @ "why'ont you just make the meat, OK?"; "I even give you my sister, too!"; I don't even get married cuz a you, you can't live by yourself!; what do I owe you x3?; her big "I AM NOT A LOSER!" rampage marred by bad editing, lighting and color mismatches, patchy sound editing; "a 50-to-1 underdog living a Cinderella story, and he's captured the imaginations of people all around the world"; "I've never seen a fighter that concerned about his hair"; one tight CU as Rocky rises; "I LOVE YOU!" as she finds him in the ring @ end; Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture
Best Director: John G. Avildsen
Best Actress: Talia Shire
Best Actor: Sylvester Stallone
Best Supporting Actor: Burgess Meredith
Best Supporting Actor: Burt Young
Best Original Screenplay: Sylvester Stallone
Best Film Editing: Richard Halsey & Scott Conrad
Best Original Song: "Gonna Fly Now"
Best Sound: Harry W. Tetrick, William L. McCaughey, Lyle J. Burbridge, and Bud Alper

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture (Drama)
Best Director: John G. Avildsen
Best Actress (Drama): Talia Shire
Best Actor (Drama): Sylvester Stallone
Best Screenplay: Sylvester Stallone
Best Original Score: Bill Conti

Other Awards:
Directors Guild of America: Best Director
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Supporting Actress (Shire)
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Picture (tie)
National Board of Review: Best Supporting Actress (Shire)

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