Romeo Is Bleeding
First screened in February 1994 / Most recently screened in November 2015
Director: Peter Medak. Cast: Gary Oldman, Lena Olin, Annabella Sciorra, Juliette Lewis, Roy Scheider, Michael Wincott, Will Patton, Tony Sirico, James Cromwell, Paul Butler, David Proval, Gene Canfield, Larry Joshua, Dennis Farina, Ron Perlman, Stephen Tobolowsky. Screenplay: Hilary Henkin.

Twitter Capsule: Works so hard to make impressions at every moment, you may start tuning it out. Except when Olin's firing it up.

VOR:   Intriguing window into what the pastiche-inflected crime film looked like less than a year before Pulp Fiction. And Olin's Mona is, by design, a rare and memorable minx.

Photo © 1993 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment/Gramercy Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

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