Shadows of the Rainbow
aka Indradhanura Chhai
First screened in May 2015
Directors: Susant Misra. Cast: Vijayani Mishra, Sonia Mohapatra, Robin Das, Arati Sahu, Deba Das, Anjana Chowdhury, Muktabala Rautray, Surya Mohanty, Kalinga Das, Budyutlata Devi, Sayama Charan Pathi, Debu Brahma, Sekhar Dutta. Screenplay: Susant Misra and Debdas Chotray.

Twitter Capsule: Slow, occasionally even sluggish, but its patience becomes a virtue. Mature studies of region and character.

VOR:   Ask someone fluent in Indian cinema, period, much less in its distinct subtraditions. But this clear alternative to the "Bollywood" catch-all is welcome, if not galvanizing in its originality.

Photo © 1993 Orissa Film Development/Visual Link

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

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