Taxi Driver
First screened in February 1996 / Most recently screened in June 2016
Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Leonard Harris, Albert Brooks, Peter Boyle, Martin Scorsese, Harry Fischler, Steven Prince, Joe Spinell, Richard Higgs, Victor Argo, Harry Northup, Norman Matlock, Diahnne Abbott, Nat Grant, Garth Avery, Frank Adu. Screenplay: Paul Schrader.

Twitter Capsule: This was the least I've ever liked it, and even so, I totally loved it! Earns and sustains its florid stylistic pitch.

Second Capsule: Why least? I'm more leery of flamboyant direction than I once was. Performances feel a bit more indulged. But I-ee-II will always love this.

Third Capsule: Stressing the positives: Curdled study of very specific character doubles virtuosically as a core sample of homegrown paranoia and violence.

VOR:   Totally embedded in U.S. cultural history and the story of American film. Travis Bickle remains an archetype for a reason. Scorsese's ravishing expression influenced countless artists.

Photo © 1976 Columbia Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A

(in February 1996: A+)

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Actor: Robert De Niro
Best Supporting Actress: Jodie Foster
Best Original Score: Bernard Herrmann

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actor (Drama): Robert De Niro
Best Screenplay: Paul Schrader

Other Awards:
Cannes Film Festival: Palme d'or (Best Picture)
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Actor (De Niro)
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Actor (De Niro); Best Music; New Generation Award (Scorsese and Foster)
National Society of Film Critics: Best Director; Best Actor (De Niro); Best Supporting Actress (Foster)
British Academy Awards (BAFTAs): Best Supporting Actress (Foster; also cited for Bugsy Malone); Most Promising Newcomer (Foster; also cited for Bugsy Malone); Best Original Score

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