First screened in September 2017
Charm. Director-writer: Briar Grace-Smith. Cast: Tanea Heke. Anahera. Director-writer: Casey Kaa. Cast: Roimata Fox, Rob Kipa-Williams. Mihi. Director-writer: Ainsley Gardiner. Cast: Ngapaki Moetara. Em. Director-writer: Katie Wolfe. Cast: Awhina-Rose Ashby. Ranui. Director-writer: Renae Maihi. Cast: Kararaina Rangihau, Mary-Anne Mere Waaka. Kiritapu. Director-writer: Chelsea Cohen. Cast: Maria Walker. Mere. Director-writer: Paula Jones. Cast: Acacia Hapi. Titty & Bash. Director: Awanui Simich-Pene. Writer: Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu. Cast: Miriama McDowell, Amber Curreen.

Twitter Capsule: Amazing eight-day, single-takes production process leaves its stress marks on the film but it's a striking collective gesture.

VOR:   As a landmark of Māori women's filmmaking, a cry of mourning, a demand for accountability, and a daring production experiment, this matters.

Photo © 2017 Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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