The Year of Living Dangerously
First screened in Summer 1998 / Most recently screened in July 2016
Director: Peter Weir. Cast: Mel Gibson, Linda Hunt, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Kerr, Michael Murphy, Bembol Roco, Noel Ferrier, Paul Sonkkila, Domingo Landicho, Kuh Ledesma. Screenplay: Peter Weir, David Williamson, and C.J. Koch (based on the novel by C.J. Koch).

Twitter Capsule: Good at outrage and atmosphere but even those assets too often assume stock forms. Not aging well.

VOR:   Combo of political chronicle and sweaty, exotic romancer may gall some, including me, but it's interesting. Hunt merits a look. Not new tricks for Weir, but he's aiming higher.

Photo © 1982 Metro Goldwyn Mayer/McElroy & McElroy

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

(in Summer 1998: A–)

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Supporting Actress: Linda Hunt

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Linda Hunt

Other Awards:
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Supporting Actress (Hunt)
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Supporting Actress (Hunt)
Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Supporting Actress (Hunt)
National Board of Review: Best Supporting Actress (Hunt)

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